Apple has released its new iPhones for 2020, which adds 4 new iPhones to the existing iPhone family: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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The12 Mini is the cheapest one at $699 and the Pro Max is the most expensive of the bunch standing at $1099, and most feature-rich as well.

What’s New?

Apple has made significant changes to the new generation of iPhones. There is a lot to talk about.

On September 16th, Apple released iOS 14 along with new iPads and Apple watches. Surprisingly, no new iPhone was announced in that event, which is a sign of another event in October in which the Company will announce the new additions to the iPhone family. Strange but true, they released a new version of iOS before the iPhone, but without a further, ado let’s get into the features.

Screenshots showing different features of iOS 14
Screenshots showing different features of iOS 14
Photo by: Sahil Basra

If you are someone who did not update their iPhone/iPad to iOS 14 then, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Settings> General> Software Update.
  2. Download & install.


Is it worth buying? Well, Let’s talk about that.


Xbox series S is the more affordable version of the Next-Gen gaming console from Microsoft and successor to the Xbox One S, but, this time it’s all digital. So, no optical drive, and if you are someone who loves buying a physical copy of the game then series X would be perfect for you. It will definitely attract some of the crowd, who does not want an expensive console and still want to have a Next-Gen gaming experience.

We cannot compare this to Xbox series X, because both the consoles are…

Did they do it right this time?

Samsung always amazes everyone with the design of their phones and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is no different. It has the same design elements as its new Flagship galaxy series device, which by the way are handsome phones, but a folding screen gives Galaxy fold 2, a distinct look. With that 6.2 inches outer screen, it looks gorgeous. I can keep on going all-day about how premium and beautiful the phone looks, but that is not all this phone is about.

Let’s talk a little bit about the old Galaxy Fold, no…

What’s curation, why is it so important, and how to get your story curated? 50% of the medium writers may have the same question, don’t you?

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What is Curation?


Organizing content and specifying to which category (Categories are tags, which we assign to our stories and medium curators decide if your story is worth getting curated and if yes, then which category should they put it in.) that content belongs, that’s what curation is.

Now suppose, you wrote an article or a story; you put all your soul into that story, and then you post it on medium, thinking this one is…

Covid-19 pushing the human race towards virtual reality and making it the new normal.

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Yes you heard it right, Indian institute of technology, Bombay, held 58th annual convocation on August 23rd, but it was no ordinary convocation, it was the first time in history, where an educational institute held a Virtual-Reality based Convocation and, presented degree certificates to theVirtual Avatars of over 2700 graduates.

Getting into IIT Bombay is special, It’s number 1 college to get into, for all the tech geeks in India and they are proving why it’s special. During the pandemic, with all the restrictions in the…

One of the best things to add to your productivity or gaming setup — A mechanical Keyboard.

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A good keyboard is essential when it comes to productivity or gaming setup. I am not forcing it on anybody, but a mechanical keyboard is a must-have. If you do not know what a mechanical keyboard is then, Here is a brief explanation:

Could this bring Microsoft back into the smartphone realm or is it going to be another disaster?

The company’s last effort to make a smartphone of their own wasn’t so successful. They launched their last windows phone in 2016, which was a complete failure, and they are back after 4 years into the smartphone market with their Surface phone, but what are they doing differently this time, which could make it a success for the company?

Alexa, shut up and let me tell my story.

Zhang Kenny Unsplash

I purchased an Alexa device not too long ago, after buying that I was like, why not buy smart bulbs and some other devices to go with that. for what reason, so that I don’t have to move from one place to turn off the lights or any other appliances. Yes, that’s true, I do not want to move a single muscle to do all that, because I’d rather lie in bed for 2 more minutes. That’s my mindset nowadays.

How is it affecting me?

I’m working from home, not getting out of the house because…

Enable the relationship saver mode by pressing the power button twice.

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Well, everyone including me hesitates when we handover our phone to any 3rd person. So, how do we solve it? Samsung India’s team has found a solution to this problem.

Yes, you heard it right. they launched Alt Z life security feature on two of their phones under their “Make for India” innovation. According to the team, it will provide enhanced privacy and you can maintain two relationships through one phone (LOL, I am just kidding but you can do that too if you are brave enough).

Two main…

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